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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Boring Hockey", So What?

Hello folks, sorry for my too long absence. I thought I would have time come the New Year and I just didn't. Anyway, SSH is back now and I hope to make 2010 better then 09.

Lets get right to it shall we? Over the past couple of weeks the Florida Panthers have changed their style to what seems to be tight, defensive hockey. The Cats have scored a total of seven goals in their last four games, leading some fans to call these games "boring". Over those past four games the Panthers are 2-1-1, helping themselves to five out of a possible eight points, keeping themselves in the race for the post season.

Let us also not forget that the Panthers are currently without the services of their two best offensive players, David Booth and Nathan Horton.

So the question is, so what if it's "boring" if it is getting the Panthers wins? I think Keith Ballard said it best during a post game interview; "We usually don't have many pretty wins and we're not the most exciting team to watch. This is perfect for us. We don't mind this at all. You want to watch an up-and-down team? Watch Washington. As long as we win, I could care less how we do it.''

And that is exactly what the fans of this team need to remember. This team is not the Capitals. This team has it's two best players on IR and wont be back for at least four weeks. This team is doing it's best to stay in the race with a roster filled with AHL players. I have a feeling that you will not see "exciting" hockey until Booth and/or Horton make their return to the lineup, and this Panthers fan has no problem with that as long as it results in more W's. Because remember, you don't make the playoffs based on goal totals. If the Panthers want to continue to play tight defensive hockey, then so be it, as long as it works.

I think now is a good time to give a big nod to Tomas Vokoun, easily the best player in a Panthers jersey right now. The guy is on fire and has made everyone forget about back up, Scott Clemmensen. The NHL Network had a fun little fact the other night when showing the highlights of the Leafs vs Cats game. Vokoun is fourth in shutouts since the 2005-2006 season with 25, behind the likes of Marty Brodeur and Roberto Luongo. Not bad company at all for T-Vo. If fans out there like watching great goal tending as much as good offense, then come out and watch Vokoun, you will not be disappointed.

That will do it for now, if you have any questions or comments you can leave them on SSH's facebook page or send them to

Go Panthers!