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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tanguay Contract

Well the deal that will send Alex Tanguay to the Tampa Bay Lightning is all but complete. All Alex has to do is pass a physical and he will be a member of the Bolts.

What are the contract details that Randy Sexton just couldn't match you might ask? 1 year, $2.5 million. Unbelievable. Rusty Olesz is making over $3 million a year, and he isn't half the player Alex Tanguay is, at least not yet.

I really want to hear an explanation from Sexton on this one. If he claims it's an ownership issue I call BS. Tanguay is getting $2.5 million for 1 year, hardly a contract that the Cats would be tied down on when the sale actually goes through.

If Tanguay took less money to play with the Bolts then there wont be any blame on the part of Randy Sexton, but I don't believe that for one second. My guess is that Sexton and the cheap ownership offered Tanguay a 2 year $1.5 million deal.

All I can say is Randy has some explaining to do. If any of the situations are true, then ownership and Sexton need to leave the Cats as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Report: The Wrong Florida Team Signs Tanguay

Multiple news sources are reporting that the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed UFA Alex Tanguay. There is no details on the length or cost of his services, but there are rumors that it is one year, and around $2 - $3 million.

As I said those figures are just a rumor, but if it is true someone needs to remove Randy Sexton from the GM position as soon as possible.

As soon as there are more details I will let you all know.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Thoughts IV

- The Panthers and Rangers are apprently the front runner for former Carolina Hurricane Dennis Seidenberg. Right now these are just reports, which is another fancy word for rumors, but we will see where it goes. Seidenberg would be a solid edition to a D-core that is not as strong as it was last year. He could easily step in if Allen goes down again, or if the younger guys are not NHL ready.

- The Florida Panthers are hosting the third annual Face-Off Luncheon on October 7th. The past two years have sold out and raised a lot of money for charity, so if you have the cash feel free to help the cause. A bonus is that you get to have lunch with a Panthers player. Single tickets are $100, tables for ten are $900.

- Former Panther Mike Sillinger announced his retirement yesterday. Sillinger was the NHL's journey man, playing for twelve different teams during his career. Mike is one of those guys that leaves everything on the ice, and he will be missed.

- UFA Mats Sundin is expected to make an announcement about his career in the coming weeks. No one knows if he plans to play another year or if he is calling it quits. I personally like Mats Sundin, he is one of my favorite players, and one love to see him play again.

- A little SSH news for you. Sunshine State Hockey has reached fifty two followers through the main site, Facebook, and Twitter. I just want to thank everyone who spread the word about SSH, and hope that you continue to do so. Without you guys reading my articles it makes what I am doing pointless. Thank you again.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interview With Cats Prospect Drew Shore

In the 2009 draft the Panthers, under new leadership, decided to go down a different path after their first round selection of Dmitry Kulikov. This path was one not explored during Jacques Martin's time as GM in Sunrise. This mysterious and avoided path is known as drafting offense.

When the Panthers made their announcement on day two of the draft that they select Drew Shore with the 44th overall pick, fans were perplexed, dazed, and some even cried. This didn't happen because of Drew, but rather the position he plays on the ice. The Panthers actually drafted correctly, leaving it's fan based surprised and very happy.

Drew Shore (2nd round pick, 44th overall)

I believe that is enough of the Jacques Martin bashing, lets get down to the fun. SSH was able to get in touch with Drew and he kindly took time out of his busy, hockey filled summer to answer some questions.

Sunshine State Hockey: "Do you own any NHL jerseys? If so, which ones?"

Drew Shore: "I do not currently own any NHL jerseys besides my Florida Panthers one."

Drew Shore's draft photo

SSH: "A lot of younger guys coming into the league are "gamers", are you a fan of any video games out there?"

Drew: "I love playing NHL 2009 and Madden."

SSH: "What is your favorite hockey memory as a player?"

Drew: "My favorite memory would be winning the world under 18 championships on our own soil."

Shore representing the United States

SSH: "What is your favorite NHL memory when watching on TV or at an Arena?"

Drew: "Watching the Avalanche win the cup with Ray Bourque."

SSH: "You recently came down to Sunrise to check out the BankAtlantic Center and to work out with the trainer. What are your first impressions about the area and the Florida Panthers organization?"

Drew: "I was very impressed with the quality of the facilities and thought the rink would be an awesome place to play. Everyone within the organization was very helpful and supportive."

SSH: "Which NHL Player, past or present, would you say you model your game after, why that player?"

Drew: "I model my game after Ryan Getzlaf because he is a big skilled center who competes hard."

SSH: "What are some of your strengths on the ice?"

Drew: "I think my hockey sense and playmaking ability are my strongest assets."

SSH: "Based on the current roster, which player on the Panthers are you looking forward to playing with in the future, why?"

Drew: "Michael Frolik because he is a young center who had an awesome rookie year in the league."

SSH: "What are your feelings about cowbells at hockey games? (When you come to play for Florida you will be hearing a lot of them!)"

Drew: "I support things that make the environment louder and thus more fun to play in."

SSH: "Any special jersey number you want to wear when you come into the NHL?"

Drew: "I hope to wear 15 because that has always been my number since i started skating."

Drew wearing his signature #15

Last question for Drew.

SSH: "Do you have a signature move when on a breakaway or in a shootout?"

Drew: "I like to fake the shot and go to my back hand."

SSH: "That will do it, thank you Drew for answering the question, I think I can speak for many when I say the Panthers faithful cannot wait to see you on the team."

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Winner Is...

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates this past week. This guy is getting ready for his final semester before he gets his AA degree, then off on the adventure for the bachelor's. Anyway, back to the business at hand.

Voting is officially over, and a new logo has been chosen for Sunshine State Hockey. The combined voices of you readers here and my friends over at the Arena picked the logo you felt would represent the blog, and I feel that you guys made the right choice.

The winner, and new permanent logo of Sunshine State Hockey is.....

The skilled artist who created this is a very close friend of mine, and someone who helped me learn my way around Photoshop. The winning artist is Breanna Philley! She is aiming to make a career out of her skills in computer art/design. Check back soon for a featured article about the winning designer, including some of her favorite creations.

If you have any questions or comments send them to or post them on SSH's official facebook page.

Monday, August 17, 2009

JR Moment #3

Sorry for not updating the countdown sooner. Had some trouble finding the videos I wanted to use, but was finally able to track down my 3rd favorite JR moment.

This moment is the whole reason SSH kicked off this little top ten list. Jeremy Roenick, as always, caused a frenzy during his press conference to announce his retirement from the National Hockey League. Not only did JR get the normal retirement speech, but he also got phone calls from his close friends around the NHL. This was a very emotional day for Jeremy and his fans, and the press conference made it that much worse.

The number #3 JR moment on this guys list is that conference.

**Due to sizing conflicts I have to post the link to the video, not the actual video.**

JR Moment #3

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Also keep those votes coming for the logo contests. Higher numbers in the poll equal better results.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunshine State Hockey Needs Your Help!

I promised some big things for the upcoming weeks, and this is one of them. I contacted two friends of mine who are very skilled with photoshop to design a new logo for the blog. The artists came up with a couple concepts each, leaving us with four logos. This is where you, the reader, comes in.

For one week starting today I will be hosting a poll to see which of the four logos you guys like best. You can vote here, or over on under the Panthers board. All you have to do is pick your favorite logo to participate.

Now I present the four logos:

Pick your favorite and vote fir it on the poll on the left side of the page. Once a winning logo is chosen the winning designer will be announced and they will be featured in full article right here on SSH with their favorite designs!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

JR Moments #4 And #3

Kinda had a long day yesterday and was unable to post the Roenick Moment of the day. So for your viewing enjoyment you get two JR classics for the price of one!

Not only did Jeremy Roenick capture his 500th goal while in a Shark uniform, he also picked up his 1200th career point while playing for San Jose. My 4th favorite all time JR moment is him getting that point.

Jeremy Roenick has always been one for the dramatics, so him and game sevens are a perfect couple. When the Flames came in to the Shark Tank back in April of 2008 they had no idea just how much gas was actually left in Jeremy's tank. JR tallied two goals and two assists in a 5-3 game seven victory that sent San Jose to the next round of the playoffs. This game is my 3rd favorite JR moment.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Panthers featured on

Today is Florida Panthers day all over the National Hockey League.

In an effort to inform fans about all thirty teams, the NHL came up with the 30 teams in30 days campaign. During this run you can read special articles during the certain teams day and see special programing on the NHL Network.

As I stated, today is the Panthers day to shine in the campaign. All you have to do is head over to and see some of the stuff they posted for the Cats. They have highlights off the 2008-2009 season for each of the key members of the team along with a great article about the Cats and their "new look". You can read that article here.

On the TV side of things the NHL network will be airing the glory days tonight at 6PM or 12AM. That's right, if you have the NHL Network you can relive the 1996 Playoff match up between the over talented Pittsburgh Penguins and the Florida Panthers. Didn't some no named Florida team beat those all-star Penguins?

The Panthers organization is also doing something special to celebrate their day in the sun, but the Cats decided to spread it out for thirty one days. The Florida Panthers "31 Day Run of Fun" Began this morning on all major social networking sites. During this event you can enjoy Q&A sessions, prizes, and other entertainment offered by the Panthers online staff.

To be a part of the 31 Day Run of Fun all you have to do is follow the Panthers on Twitter, become a fan of their Facebook page, or become their friend on Myspace.

It's a good way to pass the long days left of the off-season.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JR Moment #5

Jeremy Roenick is a very emotional guy. He shows all his emotions in everything he does.

There was no difference on the night that he reached a milestone only three other American born players in National Hockey League history had reached before him, the 500 goal club. The shot was from center ice, and it took a funny bounce. With a little help from former Panther netminder Alex Auld, JR got his 500th goal.

After that Jeremy went through a range of emotions right after the goal and during his interview. This will go down as a great moment for JR, the Sharks, and the National Hockey League.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Web, Faster Than Pat Kane's Right Hook

When someone famous gets in trouble, be it with the law or something else, people tend to poke fun at that person and his/her misfortunes. Well Pat Kane, your story is no different. People have come out of every where with witty one liners, jokes, and even T-Shirts that poke fun at Kane's taxi troubles. Yes that's right, I said T-Shirts.

An E-bay add popped up around the net yesterday selling this T-Shirt:

If your interested in buying one of these shirts for your collection, you can find the add here. The shirt is $15.00 and free shipping, not a bad deal.

As far as jokes and one liners go, there have been plenty of them around the web as well. A lot of news sites are using the witty one liners as titles of their articles, such as:

"Patrick Kane vs The Cabbie" (

"My 2(0) cents on Patrick Kane" (

"The Web, Faster Than Pat Kane's Right Hook" (Sunshine State Hockey) ....I had to.

"We'd Punch Our Own Grandma Over 20 Cents" (

Also over on the pens blog, the other put together a nifty photoshop picture to accompany his article.

That is just classic if I may say so myself.

To be honest Patrick Kane doesn't deserve this until he is proven guilty. If that is the case though, I have a feeling Mr. Kane and the Hawks will have much bigger problems then some jokes and T-shirts.

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JR Moment #6

Jeremy Roenick's lively attitude does not end when he steps off the ice. During the short time when JR was a free agent he would make appearances on TSN and the Best Damned Sports Show Period.

Moment #6 occurs when JR visits his buddies at TSN to discuss the OT rule. Roenick goes a little beyond trying to not only sell the idea of continuous OT, but sell himself for $450,000. This gets the whole TSN crew laughing and makes it another JR classic moment.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Thoughts III

- There is a chance Chicago Forward Pat Kane could be facing strong armed robbery charges because he and his cousin assaulted the cab driver together. No matter the charge, the Kane duo are in some seriously hot water.

- According to, Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Justin Pogge may be heading to Anaheim for a draft pick. Rumors are that Brian Burke is making this move so he can sign unrestricted free agent, Joey MacDonald. Macdonald proved himself to be a pretty decent goalie after covering for injured Islander Rick DiPietro for most of the season.

- The Florida Panthers "31 Day Run of Fun" begins on Thursday on all major communication networks (Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter). Q&A with a majority of Panthers players and personnel and prizes given out every day. All you have to do is become a fan of the official Florida Panthers Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter page to enjoy the fun.

- Theo Fleury is attempting another NHL comeback. The troubled hockey player wants to try and play in the National Hockey League again after playing senior hockey last season. Look, I understand the passion for the game, but enough is enough. There is a reason he hasn't been in the league for years, and that is the fact that he was banned. So before he gets a chance to play for a team the NHLPA will have to lift that ban. Just stay on the senior league Theo, the NHL is too fast for you now.

- Former Florida Panthers goaltender Ed Belfour has been hired by the St.Louis Blues as a goalie consultant for their minor league club in Peoria. I wish Belfour nothing but good luck. He is a great guy and he should fit in to this role well.

If you have any comments or questions you can reach me at

JR Moment #7

One of my all time favorite playoff series is the Philadelphia Flyers versus the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 03-04 season. This series had it all, but in the very end it would be JR who would get the last laugh on one of the Flyers bigger rivals. Roenick scored in OT to send the Flyers to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they would eventually lose in seven games to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

My seventh favorite JR moment is that goal in overtime that shocked the Leafs and their faithful.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

JR Moment #8

Jeremy Roenick has always been a very outspoken person on and off the ice. When JR played for the Blackhawks he decided to go after one of the best goaltenders to ever play the game, Patrick Roy.

In a playoff series between the Blackhawks and Avalanche Jeremy Roenick had a few choice words for Roy, mainly insulting his performance in game three. Patrick's response easily put Roenick in his place.


The worse part for Jeremy is that this quote will live on, because sadly Roenick never won the Stanley Cup.

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Pat Kane In The Slammer

A very interesting story came out today about Chicago Blackhawks forward Pat Kane. Apparently Pat and his cousin James assaulted a cab driver because he would not give the Kane duo change for their $13.80 cab ride. How much did the dynamic duo give the cab driver? $15.00.

Kane and his cousin were arrested for assault and robbery. Really Pat Kane? You beat up a cab driver for not giving you $1.20 back? Have you ever heard of giving someone a tip?

If this all ends up being as true as it is being told, then I will lose a lot of respect for Pat Kane. I have a feeling Mr.Kane will be losing a lot of other things as well, maybe even his endorsement with EA Sports. When Dany Heatley was in his car accident which killed his teammate, EA Sports changed covers of NHL 2004, a game that was out for months before the accident happened.

Let us hope Pat Kane learns a lesson here and grows up. When your in the spotlight it is not wise to go beating up random people over small amounts of change.

To read the full article on TSN, click Here.

When more news on this story comes out I will update you all.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Are They Now? Part II Delayed

Just wanted to update you guys that I have to delay the next installment of where are they now. I am working on the big surprise I have in store for you all in a couple weeks, so I will push Part II to next Saturday.

Trust me, this surprise is big.

Big Things...

With the blogs fans on the main site and the followers on facebook we have gone above twenty people following the blog. Stay tuned for a special surprise in the coming weeks.

JR Moment #9

Jeremy Roenick's presence at the All-Star game always made it that much better. Whenever he would play in the game he would usually be the one wearing the mic and talking to the announce team during the game.

When Minnesota hosted the 2004 All-Star Game JR made his mark not only for his words, but for his skills in the accuracy shooting contest. Before going up to shoot, Roenick publicly apologized to referee Lane Angus for throwing a water bottle at him in a previous Flyers game. Call it good karma, Jeremy Roenick went on to hit 4/4 in the accuracy shooting competition right after his apology.

As a side note after watching that video. Can the NHL please bring Gary Thorne and Bill Clement back to the broadcast booth?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at, is still working on the comments section, so it is still unavailable.

Friday, August 7, 2009

JR Moment #10

I sat and thought about my promise to list a top ten of my favorite Jeremy Roenick moments last night and decided to drag it out into a ten day event. It is the off season, so time is not an issue to celebrate one of my favorite players.

Starting of the top ten count down is a little clip of Roenick busting a move. For those of you that have not seen this clip yet, JR got jiggy with it during a preseason game in Las Vegas against the Avalanche back when he was a King. There needed to be some rink repairs, so Jeremy decided to entertain the fans while they waited.

This will always be a classic moment, but trust me, the next nine easily top this.

If anyone has any comments or questions, or if you want to share your top JR moments, please contact me at

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Calling It A Career

When the off season began, no one could have predicted the amount of players that would be hanging up the skates for their final time. During this off season the NHL has lost two of the classiest North American players, and two of the classiest European players to ever play the game of hockey.

Of course the players I am talking about are Bobby Holik, Teppo Numminen, Joe Sakic, and as of today, Jeremy Roenick. All four of these men left a huge mark on the NHL and its fans, and I would not be surprised if at least two out of the four ended up in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Bobby Holik will best be remembered for his time with the New Jersey Devils, helping them win two Stanley Cups while being one of the top point producers on the team for ten seasons. After Holik's long stint with the Devils ended he tried elsewhere, signing with the Rangers in 2002, then the Thrashers in 2006. Holik would make his return to the Devils to play one last season. Even though he only picked up nine points in sixty two games this past season, Holik and the Devils were the perfect couple. It would have been like Mellanby coming back to the Cats for one last season, it's where he belonged.

Teppo Numminen had one very, very long career in the National Hockey League. He made his way around the Western Conference, playing with the Jets, Coyotes, and Stars, before finally signing with the Buffalo Sabres in 2005. He would go on to be a huge help in the Sabres rebirth, even if it ended quickly after the Sabres lost such key players as Drury and Briere. The worse part about Numminen's successful NHL career is that he never won a Stanley Cup.

Joe Sakic. What is there to say about him that hasn't been said already? He is hockey. He is one of the greatest captains to ever play the game, and one of the classiest guys to ever do so. I remember in 96, when I wasn't a huge fan of hockey, but I knew about it. I remember seeing Joe Sakic on the local news, raising the cup on the Miami Arena ice. Looking back on that day and watching the highlights of that game on YouTube, you just can't get angry at the Avalanche for beating the Panthers. Seeing Joe Sakic with the cup just washed all the anger away, and it still does. Of course it would have been great if the Panthers won, but I wouldn't want any other guy raising the cup for an apposing team on our ice. It is obvious that Joe's number will be retired and that he will be in the Hall of Fame in the next three years, and he deserves it for sure. Everyone thinks of the cup wins in Colorado and relates it to Patrick Roy. Roy may have played great, but without the leadership of Sakic the Avalanche would not have gone as far as they did.

And this brings us to Jeremy Roenick. Where do I start? JR is, and will always be one of my favorite players. I really think he is the reason I began following hockey full time. His charisma on the ice, his love for the game, and his skill combined made Roenick the perfect representative for the game of hockey. I remember watching a game on ESPN when JR played for the Flyers and he broke his jaw. The next week he was on with the TV crew commentating on the game. I thought to myself, how the heck is this guy laughing and chatting it up after getting his jaw wired shut? The answer? He's Jeremy Roenick. Like Numminen, Roenick never won a Stanley Cup, no matter how hard he tried. One has to believe though that JR will get a nod for the Hall of Fame in the near future.

Tomorrow I will be doing a more in dept tribute to Roenick, so check back here tomorrow for that and my top ten JR moments.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Going Digital

Good afternoon all.

I just wanted to post a quick note to let my current followers know that Sunshine State Hockey now has its own Twitter and Facebook page. So when all you good folks get a chance, head over to the links I will provide before and follow SSH over there too, and please spread the word. Remember, the larger SSH's community grows, the better product I can put out there.

Facebook: Click Here.

Twitter: Click Here.

As far as hockey goes there is not much to report today. Some veterans retiring over these next couple days, I will do a write up about that on Friday.

I do want to address something though. To the Panthers fans out there changing their tune from Tanguay to Zherdev, please stop now. Zherdev is a skilled player, I will give him that, but he is a very immature person and a virus in the locker room. This is not the type of player we want on the Panthers. The organization tried that already with a couple guys and you all know how that worked out. Keep shooting for Tanguay and forget about Zherdev, he will only make our team worse.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Slow Day In Sunrise

Good Afternoon folks. I hope everyone out there is managing to survive Monday as best as possible.

Today is another slow day in Sunrise. The Panthers have sat quietly the past couple of weeks, waiting for an answer from the Tanguay camp, or not. If you ask Randy Sexton he will tell you the latter of the two.

The Panthers kicked off the countdown caravan this past Saturday. Yours truly attended and it was a pretty cool setup. I do have one request though, lets get a DJ who knows a little bit about the Panthers and hockey. The caravan will continue its tour on the 8th when it stops in at Palm Beach Ice in West Palm Beach. If you have the time, check it out. You can check out the rest of the caravans schedule here.

The Florida Panthers official website sat down with coach DeBoer the other day and asked him a few questions about the upcoming season. You can read the Q&A session here.

In a little news around the league, a deal for Dany Heatley may actually get done, but it will not involve the Edmonton Oilers. A few days ago the Oilers held a press conference to announce that the club is no longer interested in Heatley's services. Days after this announcement an article came out on TSN claiming the San Jose Sharks could get a deal done for Heatley, but it would have to involve a third team. That third team is being reported to be the Montreal Canadiens.

I find this interesting. It has been a while since a blockbuster deal involved three teams, and I am curious to see how this one works out, if Heatley allows it of course. Once more information is reported I will do the same here.

That will do it for now, please E-mail any questions or comments about this entry or previous entries to

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where Are They Now? Robert Svehla

Robert Svehla is a name many Panthers fans will remember for a long time. Svehla played a major role in the success of the 96 Panthers, picking up 57 points (8 goals, 49 assists) is 81 games.

The one thing a lot of Panthers fans will remember most about Robert is his dedication to the organization. Svehla spent all but one year of his National Hockey League career with the Florida Panthers. He played with the Cats from 1994-1995 to 2001-2002, picking up 290 points during his stay in Sunrise.

After Svehla's one year stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2002-2003 he decided to call it quits and retired from the National Hockey League.

Ever since Robert called it quits it seemed as if he fell off the face of the earth. No news ever came out about him, anywhere. The biggest surprise came when he was a no show at the 96 reunion game at the BankAtlantic Center in 2007. Many really began to wonder what exactly happened to Robert Svehla.

Well a photo appeared on the internet of Svehla a while after the 96 reunion game took place. It is understandable why Robert decided not to join in on the on ice activities during the event. I am not here to pick on the guy, but lets just say he is enjoying retirement.

Well people knew what Robert looked like now, but there was still no information about what he was doing. He was just enjoying his life, living away from hockey in Slovakia, his native country. But everyone knows you can never fully leave hockey behind.

On January 2009 Robert Svehla signed a contract with HC Dukla Trenčín as an assistant coach. Finally, some solid news on the most mysterious Florida Panthers alumni member.

I wish there were more to say about Svehla and what he has been up to. I searched the web for hours in search of anything about Robert, and came up with what I wrote.

If any of my readers have any other pieces of information about what Robert has been up to since his retirement please contact me and I will add it to the article.

As always you can send your comments, questions, and now info about Robert Svehla to