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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is This The Year....For Nathan Horton?

Oh Nathan Horton, where have you gone? Rather, where has your production gone?

The 2006-2007 season saw Nathan Horton become a thirty goal scorer, and the player everyone pegged him to be when the Cats drafted him in 2003. Sadly, something happened. No one knows what, or why, but Nathans goal production slipped the next two years, leading to his lowest goal total since his rookie season. Horton only put up twenty two goals in the 2008-2009 campaign, a year the Panthers needed offense more then ever after trading away Olli Jokinen.

Horton did suffer an injury that caused him to miss fifteen games, but still, twenty two goals in sixty seven games is a little weak for one of our highest rated players. Nathan was also put back at center most of the season, a position he played when drafted by the Panthers. I don't see how that is a valid excuse for not putting the puck in the net, especially when he played the center position all the way up until NHL draft day.

There really is no excuse for the way Nathan Horton has played the last two seasons. He looks lazy and bored on the ice and does not seem to have that same fire he did three seasons ago. There are some games where that fire makes an appearance, and you can tell, because he goes back to his old style of play. The real question is, how does DeBoer get Horton to use that fire every night? Maybe the reunited line of Booth-Weiss-Horton can provide Nathan with that spark.

Panthers fans want this Nathan back.

The Panthers are going to be counting on Nathan Horton this year, maybe even more then ever before. If the Panthers were to miss the playoffs again one has to imagine that there would be a fire sale that would see some players shipped out for youth and prospects. I also believe Nathan Horton is sitting on top of that pile of players that could be had if the team slips off the grid again.

Let us not think like that though, let us think that we have a team that can finally get over the hump, because I think we do. The only problem is we need solid production from everyone on the team, especially Nathan Horton.

Tomorrow's article will feature starting goalie Tomas Vokoun. If you all have any questions or comments you can contact me at or you can post them on our facebook page and I will be sure to respond.

Monday, September 28, 2009

We Are Back In 3..2..1..

Hey there everyone, I hope you all didn't miss me too much. I had some personal things to take care of the past two weeks, namely traveling the state of Florida and picking a college to finish my Business Administrations degree once I get my AA this fall. After all the traveling I decided that I am an Owl. Yours truly will be attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca this January. So if any of my readers out there attend FAU, lets meet up and talk some hockey.

Anyway, back to what this blog is about, hockey! This week is going to be a busy week for yours truly, because I will be doing feature articles starting tomorrow on players who need to be at their best to help the Panthers make the playoff push this year. Lets call it SSH's unique Panthers preview. To be honest, you can only write the same idea for so long before it gets tiring to read.

Before Tuesday roles around I had a poll question for everyone. I am looking to turn SSH into a brand name. Before I can do that however I need to build money up. has the option of putting ads on any site of theirs, so that is one way I could go about raising money. So the question is, would you guys mind seeing some ads on SSH? Just vote on the poll in the upper right, and be honest. If you guys don't want ads, then there will be no ads.

Now I will say this, if I were to put ads on the site, and if they were to generate some money, we could begin having contests and giving away SSH products (shirts, stickers, keychains, mouse pads, etc.). Like I said, I need money to do these things, but if you guys do not want ads then I will find another option.

That will do it for now, as always you can contact me at or on SSH's Facebook page.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Panthers Sign Seidenberg

We have heard rumblings about this the last couple of weeks, but a deal is finally done. Reported by TSN, the Cats have signed Dennis Seidenberg to a 1 year, $2.25 million deal.

Panthers Agree With Seidenberg On One Year Deal- TSN

I think this is a great signing for the Panthers. This takes some pressure off guys like Ellerby, Garrison, and Kulikov to step up this year. It will be interesting to see how the D all matches up come October.

This most likely means the end of a tryout for either Skoula or Backman.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

SSH Featured In Puck Daddy's Panthers Preview

Happy Sunday folks, hope everyone had a good weekend.

Last week I received a very unexpected, but much welcomed E-mail. Sean Leahy, one of the Puck Daddy's over at Yahoo Sports asked yours truly, along with our good friend Donny from Litter Box Cats, to write a small preview for the 2009-2010 Florida Panthers. I gladly accepted the task, as did Donny, and the preview is now up on Puck Daddy's website.

Puck Daddy's Florida Panthers 2009-2010 Preview

The article is a great read. The guys over at Puck Daddy know their hockey for sure, plus they add some entertaining photos, videos, and thoughts that you wont get from other hockey sites, well, except for SSH that is.

I would just like to give a big thanks to Sean for contacting SSH and giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion on the 09-10 Panthers. I hope the readers enjoy what Donny and I had to say.

If you guys have any comments or questions, just contact me at or post them on our Facebook Page.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears

I think it's time to introduce a new segment here at SSH. For those of you out there who watch Family Guy you will get this one, and hopefully get a chuckle out of it. Of course I am being completely serious, but take it as you will.

You know what really grinds my gears? The fact that Jim Balsillie is trying to take the Coyotes out of Phoenix before the 2009-2010 season. Jim listen, the team has hardcore fans, maybe not as many as your "major hockey market" club, but they do. If I were the judge I would do this. Award the team to Jim, but keep them in Phoenix for one more season. If the team generates profit, i.e. makes the playoffs, the team stays in Phoenix. If the team fails to make any profit this year then Balsillie is free to do what he wants with the team. I know some fans may not like that, but the guy is bidding way more then the team is worth. If he has the money, he should get the team. At the same time, Phoenix should get a fighting chance.

You know what really grinds my gears? FSU's crappy time management in the big FSU vs UM game last night. I know this isn't a hockey topic, but come on. You guys sit there and waste ten+ seconds switching players? Bad move, and it showed.

You know what really grinds my gears? Knowing that training camp starts soon and the Panthers will be spending theirs in Canada...for the next three seasons. Why exactly build the Incredible Ice expansion now when the boys will be spending their Septembers in Canada?

You know what really grinds my gears? Direct TV cutting Versus from their channel lineup. I personally have Comcast, but friends who have Direct TV will be suffering, and that sucks. The NHL better get on this one fast, or their ratings are going to suffer.

I think that will do it for now. If you have any comments or questions send them to or post them on SSH's facebook page.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Interviewing The Artist

Hello guys and gals, I hope September is treating everyone well so far. As promised, I had a chance to sit down with the very skilled artist who won Sunshine State Hockey's logo contest, Breanna Philley.

Sunshine State Hockey: "What made you decide to play around in Photoshop the first time?"

Breanna Philley: "I saw wallpapers online and I wanted to figure out how to make them. I delved around on google and figured out that you could use either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to make them. My friend actually had an Adobe Photoshop 1.0 disk and I used that to learn my way around the program."

SSH: "You have made a lot of different creations for SSH's friend site, The NHL Arena. How much did all of those requests help improve your skills?"

Bre: "In my opinion, I was able to improve immensely. I started out learning what the filters did, what worked and what people liked and what they didn't. I was getting requests almost everyday and that had me using the program and practicing everyday. I've been doing requests over there for 2 years now, and I owe the members over there a lot for helping fuel my passion."

SSH: "Your other major passion is hockey. How much has that helped you in creating designs? Do you think you would have as much success if you were to try something you were less interested in?"

Bre: "If I were to have started out creating artwork for something else, I do not think my skills would have developed much. It's the criticism and the people that want me to get better that make me want to do the art. It's a nice feeling when people say they really appreciate something you've created."

SSH: "How far do you plan on taking your skills in Photoshop? Do you plan to make a career out of it?"

Bre: "I plan on at least getting farther with it than I am currently. I wish to go into a career field that uses Photoshop in some way. I'm looking either to go into a Graphic Design career or Special Effects for TV titles. I've got an interest in a few different artistic fields."

SSH: "Lets talk hockey. Your a girl who loves hockey, what do you say to those guys out there who think your nothing but a puck bunny, this guy NOT being one of them."

Bre: "I say they need to give girls a chance. I love the game for the skill, the speed and the atmosphere. The journey of following a team from the beginning of the season and hoping they finally get to the Stanley Cup is something worth watching year after year. Not every girl is only watching the sport to admire the attractiveness of a guy."

SSH: "Who is your favorite hockey player and why?"

Bre: "Evgeni Nabokov of the San Jose Sharks. He's a phenomenal player with tons of skill and a lot of heart. I've never seen him give up, even when his team was getting tired."

SSH: "Your favorite team is the Sharks. If you had to pick a second favorite team who would it be?"

Bre: "I like the sense of unity among the players and fans of the Florida Panthers. So, if I had to pick a team, my pick is the Panthers."

Final Question

SSH: "What was your thinking behind the winning logo for the contest?"

Bre: "I had heard the story about "Mellanby and the Rat" and I loved it. I wanted to include a rat in some way. I liked the way a circle enclosed everything and brought it all together. The colors I used are based off the Florida Panthers colors."

To go along with the interview, Bre gave SSH one of her first works and her top five favorite creations.

**Warning** Most of these images contain designs based of the San Jose Sharks, sorry for the inconvenience. **Warning**

One of Ms. Philley's first creations.

If you have any comments or questions, or would like to know how to get in contact with Bre, send an E-mail to or drop a comment off on SSH's Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dadonov Signed

The Florida Panthers have agreed to an entry level contract with prospect Evgeny Dadonov. This news comes weeks after Dadonov left the KHL for the United States, in hopes of playing in America this season.

This past week Dadonov has been working out with other Panthers at Incredible Ice. Evgeny seems ready to make an impression with the big club, and I hope he does.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bova Panthers Ice Dancers, 2009-2010

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the lucky girls who were chosen to join the Ice Dancers squad for the 2009-2010 season. A lot of girls tried out and there are a lot of new faces on the team. Some of the crowd favorite veterans are back as well, including newly named Ice Dancers captain Judy.

The final day of tryouts were held this past Saturday at the Broward Mall. For those unable to attend, watch the video below for a glimpse at the days activities.

To see the girls who made the final cut, watch the video below. Congratulations girls, the 09-10 squad looks great.

Please send any comments or questions to or post them on SSH's facebook page.