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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Thoughts II

- The Tampa Bay Lightning bought out former Panther Vaclav Prospal. Anyone else think he is a pretty good alternative if the Cats cannot land Tanguay?

- Rumor has it that the sale of the Florida Panthers, Sunrise Sports and Entertainment, and the BankAtlantic Center is a done deal and is to be discussed by the NHL board of governors today. If this is true then take care Cohen, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

- If the sale is indeed finalized there may be a chance that Randy Sexton will not get the job as General Manager. Rumor is that Neil Smith would be the top candidate to run the Cats front office.

- The new group that has put in a bid for the Phoenix Coyotes are in discussions with the NHL about letting the team play five games in Canada. If I were a fan of the Coyotes I would not be for that at all. If they play in Canada and attendance is double of what it is in Phoenix, then the Coyotes are as good as done in the desert if the ownership ends up deciding to move.

- Brett Favre has decided to stay retired. It took him long enough to finally make the right decision. Of course this should have been his answer before signing with the Jets last year. Wait...oops, that is not hockey news!

- The Red Wings signed Andy Delmore yesterday. It's good to know the Wings are adding to their young core....

Just wanted to add a note before wrapping up. Starting tomorrow I will begin a new feature on SSH titled "Where Are They Now? Former Cats". Basically the description is all in the title. Once a week I will do my best to track down a former Panther and see what they are up to now and let all of you faithful readers in on it.

That should about do it for right now. Please E-mail any comments or questions to