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Friday, July 17, 2009

Third Jerseys

Well today is kind of a slow news day around Pantherland. For that matter today is a slow news day around the NHL. Cats fans are obviously waiting for the big news on Tanguay...if it's true. If it does have any truth to it I have a feeling we wont know until Monday.

Anyway I wanted to let today's post cover a lighter topic, the third jersey. Last year a number of teams introduced third jerseys to their fans. Some being very creative, others not so much. I mean who puts a team nickname on a jersey? This year some more teams will produce third jerseys, and the Florida Panthers are among them. I think every Panthers fan in the known world knows that our third jersey will be red, which I am ok with. But why not change it up a bit for fun? How about a black jersey with a new logo? Or keep the red and try out a new logo? I think it would be a fun way to usher in a new era of Panthers hockey.

One of my favorite sites on the web for jersey info is icethetics. The guy knows his hockey jerseys and usually makes a daily post about them, even if there is not much to say. A while back a fan of the site submitted a concept logo and concept third jersey that I liked a lot.

As you can see above he uses a completely new logo and a new shade of red, blue, and gold on the jersey. He did an amazing job with this and I would love to see these on the boys. The shoulder logo is another Panther head, which that could be switched up to something else. But overall this is a strong design.

Now if the Panthers stick to the norm, which I am pretty sure they will, I wouldn't mind seeing that new logo on the website used on a jersey. I can't find an image of the logo, but it is the one of the Cat jumping of "Florida Panthers".

I guess only time will tell what kind of third jersey we get. Let us all hope that it's not "Cats" across the chest. Because, as I said before, who uses their nickname on a jersey?

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