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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interview With Cats Prospect Drew Shore

In the 2009 draft the Panthers, under new leadership, decided to go down a different path after their first round selection of Dmitry Kulikov. This path was one not explored during Jacques Martin's time as GM in Sunrise. This mysterious and avoided path is known as drafting offense.

When the Panthers made their announcement on day two of the draft that they select Drew Shore with the 44th overall pick, fans were perplexed, dazed, and some even cried. This didn't happen because of Drew, but rather the position he plays on the ice. The Panthers actually drafted correctly, leaving it's fan based surprised and very happy.

Drew Shore (2nd round pick, 44th overall)

I believe that is enough of the Jacques Martin bashing, lets get down to the fun. SSH was able to get in touch with Drew and he kindly took time out of his busy, hockey filled summer to answer some questions.

Sunshine State Hockey: "Do you own any NHL jerseys? If so, which ones?"

Drew Shore: "I do not currently own any NHL jerseys besides my Florida Panthers one."

Drew Shore's draft photo

SSH: "A lot of younger guys coming into the league are "gamers", are you a fan of any video games out there?"

Drew: "I love playing NHL 2009 and Madden."

SSH: "What is your favorite hockey memory as a player?"

Drew: "My favorite memory would be winning the world under 18 championships on our own soil."

Shore representing the United States

SSH: "What is your favorite NHL memory when watching on TV or at an Arena?"

Drew: "Watching the Avalanche win the cup with Ray Bourque."

SSH: "You recently came down to Sunrise to check out the BankAtlantic Center and to work out with the trainer. What are your first impressions about the area and the Florida Panthers organization?"

Drew: "I was very impressed with the quality of the facilities and thought the rink would be an awesome place to play. Everyone within the organization was very helpful and supportive."

SSH: "Which NHL Player, past or present, would you say you model your game after, why that player?"

Drew: "I model my game after Ryan Getzlaf because he is a big skilled center who competes hard."

SSH: "What are some of your strengths on the ice?"

Drew: "I think my hockey sense and playmaking ability are my strongest assets."

SSH: "Based on the current roster, which player on the Panthers are you looking forward to playing with in the future, why?"

Drew: "Michael Frolik because he is a young center who had an awesome rookie year in the league."

SSH: "What are your feelings about cowbells at hockey games? (When you come to play for Florida you will be hearing a lot of them!)"

Drew: "I support things that make the environment louder and thus more fun to play in."

SSH: "Any special jersey number you want to wear when you come into the NHL?"

Drew: "I hope to wear 15 because that has always been my number since i started skating."

Drew wearing his signature #15

Last question for Drew.

SSH: "Do you have a signature move when on a breakaway or in a shootout?"

Drew: "I like to fake the shot and go to my back hand."

SSH: "That will do it, thank you Drew for answering the question, I think I can speak for many when I say the Panthers faithful cannot wait to see you on the team."

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