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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pat Kane In The Slammer

A very interesting story came out today about Chicago Blackhawks forward Pat Kane. Apparently Pat and his cousin James assaulted a cab driver because he would not give the Kane duo change for their $13.80 cab ride. How much did the dynamic duo give the cab driver? $15.00.

Kane and his cousin were arrested for assault and robbery. Really Pat Kane? You beat up a cab driver for not giving you $1.20 back? Have you ever heard of giving someone a tip?

If this all ends up being as true as it is being told, then I will lose a lot of respect for Pat Kane. I have a feeling Mr.Kane will be losing a lot of other things as well, maybe even his endorsement with EA Sports. When Dany Heatley was in his car accident which killed his teammate, EA Sports changed covers of NHL 2004, a game that was out for months before the accident happened.

Let us hope Pat Kane learns a lesson here and grows up. When your in the spotlight it is not wise to go beating up random people over small amounts of change.

To read the full article on TSN, click Here.

When more news on this story comes out I will update you all.

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