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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Web, Faster Than Pat Kane's Right Hook

When someone famous gets in trouble, be it with the law or something else, people tend to poke fun at that person and his/her misfortunes. Well Pat Kane, your story is no different. People have come out of every where with witty one liners, jokes, and even T-Shirts that poke fun at Kane's taxi troubles. Yes that's right, I said T-Shirts.

An E-bay add popped up around the net yesterday selling this T-Shirt:

If your interested in buying one of these shirts for your collection, you can find the add here. The shirt is $15.00 and free shipping, not a bad deal.

As far as jokes and one liners go, there have been plenty of them around the web as well. A lot of news sites are using the witty one liners as titles of their articles, such as:

"Patrick Kane vs The Cabbie" (

"My 2(0) cents on Patrick Kane" (

"The Web, Faster Than Pat Kane's Right Hook" (Sunshine State Hockey) ....I had to.

"We'd Punch Our Own Grandma Over 20 Cents" (

Also over on the pens blog, the other put together a nifty photoshop picture to accompany his article.

That is just classic if I may say so myself.

To be honest Patrick Kane doesn't deserve this until he is proven guilty. If that is the case though, I have a feeling Mr. Kane and the Hawks will have much bigger problems then some jokes and T-shirts.

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