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Sunday, September 13, 2009

SSH Featured In Puck Daddy's Panthers Preview

Happy Sunday folks, hope everyone had a good weekend.

Last week I received a very unexpected, but much welcomed E-mail. Sean Leahy, one of the Puck Daddy's over at Yahoo Sports asked yours truly, along with our good friend Donny from Litter Box Cats, to write a small preview for the 2009-2010 Florida Panthers. I gladly accepted the task, as did Donny, and the preview is now up on Puck Daddy's website.

Puck Daddy's Florida Panthers 2009-2010 Preview

The article is a great read. The guys over at Puck Daddy know their hockey for sure, plus they add some entertaining photos, videos, and thoughts that you wont get from other hockey sites, well, except for SSH that is.

I would just like to give a big thanks to Sean for contacting SSH and giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion on the 09-10 Panthers. I hope the readers enjoy what Donny and I had to say.

If you guys have any comments or questions, just contact me at or post them on our Facebook Page.