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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Five Games In The Books

Last Saturday the Florida Panthers took to the ice in Helsinki to open up the 2009-2010 NHL season against the Chicago Blackhawks. Fans packed Incredible Ice to watch the team they had such high hopes for play against a team that could be playing for the Stanley Cup in May. What happened in that game? The Florida Panthers delivered. The Cats answered back three times to tie the game and send it into a shootout. As the fans sat and watched in fear of the Panthers in a shootout something magical happened, the Panthers scored two in a row and they won in a SO to open the season. The game was a glimpse at what could be the rest of the year, and the folks living in Pantherland loved it.

So what happened...?

Why are the Florida Panthers currently sitting on a 1-4 record on the eve of playing one of the best teams in the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia Flyers. What happened to the hope the Panthers gave to the fans when they won their first game of the season in a shootout? I wish I could answer that question, and I have a feeling that the Panthers wish they could too.

In five games the Florida Panthers have allowed twenty goals on 193 shots. In the last two games (New Jersey and Tampa Bay) the Panthers took two lazy, late penalties that cost them the game or a shot at tying the game (Frolik - hooking against New Jersey which lead to a PP goal, Booth - Boarding against Tampa which took away the 6-5 chance in the last minute).

So who is to blame? If you ask DeBoer he thinks no one is. He was quoted in a couple of interviews stating "The team will be fine, it's too early to panic". While I agree it is too early to panic, I also think the year is not getting any easier. The schedule ahead is a tough one, and the Panthers need to turn things around quick before they fall to 1-10.

To be honest I think the Panthers can turn it around early this year. I think the Finland trip took a lot out of them and now that they have had time back in the states they can get back to working to their level. If not, well then there is always a good draft pick in it for us.

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