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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Thoughts V

- The standings after the first couple games seem to be upside down. Vancouver 0-3 and the Coyotes in a playoff spot? What I just said is 100% truth. Of course we are only a couple games in, but one has to wonder why the dominant teams are starting off slow and letting last years bottom feeders run the show currently. It will be interesting to see the standings this time next month.

- Is Ilya Kovalchuk about to move to Canada? The Hot Stove crew over on CBC discussed the possibility of the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg. You know, that city they took a team away from not too long ago. What's next, Nashville to Hartford?

- The two European match ups, Hawks vs Panthers, Wings vs Blues, seemed to have gone over well with the fans. The fans that attended that is. One could easily see a lot of empty seats in both buildings, which hold 12,000 people. Can we put an end to that experiment now Gary?

- If the Canucks organization would stop worrying about what lies Brian Burke is spreading on a daily bases maybe they wouldn't be 0-3. For those who don't know what I am talking about, The Maple Leafs organization released an inside the draft video, and in that video Brian Burke claims that the Canucks made a hard push for Tampa's 2nd overall pick by offering Bieksa, Burrows, and their first round pick. Vancouver is so outraged that they have taken it up with the league. While your at it Vancouver, can you ask the NHL to punish Eklund, he makes up the same kind of outlandish deals and he gets away with it.

- Ex Panther Craig Anderson is finding himself a nice little home between the pipes in Colorado. Andy has started both games for the Avalanche and has won both in pretty good fashion, including a shutout against the Canucks. I have nothing but love for Andy and I hope he can get the Avalanche into the playoffs.

- I have it on good word that the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers will be dancing on, get this, ice at the home opener. Videos and photos have been released online showing the girls practicing their moves at center ice inside Incredible Ice. October 10th should be a very interesting night indeed.

- Speaking of opening night, there are currently only 2000 tickets left. The staff of Sunrise Sports and Entertainment has worked their tails off to try and sell out the home opener. There are still good seats left, including seats for only $10. For those folks who cannot read or hear a commercial, the ticket price is STARTING AT $10. Enough with the thinking that the Panthers are in deep trouble and selling all seats for $10.

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Tomorrow I will have a little project for my followers.